just to let you all know; this blog is far from dead. i am cooking up various posts of unimaginable proportions. some of you may know i’ve been on a brief but exciting sojourn in china recently, but alas i am back and ready to make a fist of it here in melbourne (but hopefully not for too much longer).

i couldn’t use wordpress while i was away because of the nefarious and infamous internet censorship in china, so those that know me on a personal level will have been keeping up-to-date via facebook notes. and if you happen to be reading this very blog via facebook, you should know that i’ve done away with my interminable lists of ‘favourites’ on my profile page. yes, they have been replaced with the much more relevant ‘current play/reading lists.’ call it something to do with seizing the day. please note that i still stand by everything that was once listed there, it just doesn’t necessarily reflect what i’m into at any given moment anymore.

so, what have i been doing since i got home? not much. going out and getting on it more than i probably should be, seeing handfuls of world-class local gigs, and busting out on my brand new (imported, special crimson red edition) nintendo DS.

oodles and oodles of fun. in fact, it nicely matches my red laptop, and red digital camera. game reviews and obligatory hyper-exaggeration shall follow within the next few days, i dare say.

so yeah. i’ve had some pretty crazy experiences over the past couple of months – not simply relating to the fact that i was in china. forced some serious changes in perspective which i’m sure will only prove to be beneficial in the long run. i’ll be back to discuss them all with you soon. i’m gonna leave it there because it’s late and i’ve got some sleeping to catch up on. i hope all is well out there in the real world. take care.