carry the zero

September 5, 2007

just got back from an intense hockey training. that’s not to say that i played well. but i ran my legs off and i’ve had a shower and i’m sitting here with the most massive bowl of (vegetarian) noodles and a nice cold beer and i’m feeling appropriately like wobbly jelly.


they’re going cold faster than i can eat them. anyway, not much else is going on, except that i got a new job at a cafĂ© in camberwell (that’s canceryell if you’re smsing) and also got my hair cut today. this was partially inspired by the fact that i’m employed again, but more generally due to a lack of attention from the lady types. actually i don’t mind the haircut. it was kinda funny though; the cute girl who was doing all the cutting (and who was having real trouble making small talk with me) asked me what kind of music i liked, and i said ‘indie rock,’ and when she said she didn’t know what that was, i said ‘well stuff like the strokes,’ trying to pick something as easily recognisable as possible. she still didn’t know what i was on about, but the irony is that i ended up looking like a member of the strokes.

best news ever: lifetime are touring. but i may potentially be in japan by the time they get to melbourne. bayside are also coming but i’ll be damned if i’m gonna go see them with funeral for a friend.

in other news, it looks like daniel radcliffe might have something going for him after all, despite resorting to getting nude in some stage play.

ok well i should probably finish up my film fest reviews while i’m here. i’m not gonna do a review of strange culture, except to say that it’s a pretty good doco with a message that shouldn’t be too surprising to many of us but still makes for good viewing nonetheless.

i don’t care what the critics have been saying; time, like most good korean films, was some good melodramatic fun. it’s about a girl who gets plastic surgery in a desperate attempt to reclaim the love of her estranged boyfriend. it’s shot with the usual care and attention to detail that is characteristic of kim ki duk, and is splashed throughout with elements of high comedy and tragedy. i admit, i saw this like a month ago so i’m pretty sketchy on some of the details, but this is basically another film about identity and ‘true love.’ i guess i’m more or less against the idea of cosmetic surgery of any kind, so the fact that these characters were even thinking about getting back with each other after resorting to such extreme measures is hard for me to take seriously. but, when you consider the fact that about 50% of korean women in theirs 20s have had plastic surgery, i guess this movie makes more sense in a korean context. the ending, also, almost completely goes off the rails, but its final shot is somewhat redeeming. it’s yet another take on the faust/dorian gray story, and deals with insecurity and obsession while also taking obvious jabs at the excesses of vanity we encounter on a daily basis. to me, this just confirmed kim ki duk’s versatility: he is able to shift between the meditative, the comic, the horrifying and the flat-out beautiful – even within the one movie. i’m annoyed that i missed breath at the festival.

ok well on account of the fact that the image-uploader-thing over here at wordpress seems to be not working and the fact that i’m kinda sorta falling asleep as i write this, i’m gonna wrap up this entry up now. i only have a few more reviews to do, and then it will be business as usual again, and there’ll be no excuses for not reading my rants.

i’m about one third of the way through norwegian wood, and it’s pretty good so far. reading it is just like watching an anime, though. not in a bad way. it’s just that japanese way of storytelling, i suppose.

oh and most you of you already know this, thanks to my ridiculous enthusiasm for all things threadless, but i went nuts with their most recent sale, and i’m anxiously awaiting my next delivery.

take care, friends.