boy, hardly used, make an offer

July 30, 2007

today was actually kinda fun. coming off not enough sleep (i.e. not wanting to get out of bed when he messaged me in the morning), i arranged to meet ryan and a few others from the yellowcard camp to go to the footy. i was kinda embarrassed that i was more tired than they were, having come off a twelve hour flight and all, but it didn’t matter. afterwards we wandered around the city for a while before deciding to get some dinner. i enjoyed myself, and we all had a pretty good chat and a few laughs before i left to go see rescue dawn at the regent with alice.


to be honest, i’m not sure what i thought of this. i mean, it was good. to be sure. but i hadn’t seen any werner herzog before, and while i had no idea what it would be like, i expected to be blown away somehow.

parts of it reminded me too much of apocalypse now, while other parts i had seen in the deer hunter. however, the poster does not lie: christian bale is amazing. his perfomance in this movie is phenomenal; his face is at times both brave yet scared, hopeful yet uncertain, cheeky yet serious. the landscape is not glorified or romanticised; rather, it is unforgiving and essentially uninhabitable. the film is a study of individual strength and resolve, thankfully shunning any and all patriotism or meditation on war until the bizarre final scenes. but in hindsight, i think they are meant to be campy and ridiculous; dieter is given a hero’s welcome when we, as viewers, know it to be entirely inappropriate. maybe it is actually meant to be little more than a thinly-veiled attack on the hollywood treatment of american involvement in its various wars; at one stage, bale’s character tries to deny being american because he thinks it would make his captors go easy on him.

overall, though, it was definitely a good film and definitely one worth seeing. while not an outright exhilarating adventure, it is surprisingly delicate and human. herzog is clearly a master of his craft, bale is the perfect choice and steve zahn as duane almost deserves an oscar nomination for best supporting actor. anyway, i should probably see the original documentary before i say too much and put my foot in it. if anybody else has any thoughts on this movie, i would love to hear them.

i need to get to bed if i’m going to recover for tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that. being unemployed sucks, but so does not wanting to look for a new job. i’ve been buying books again, some harmless over-compensation for certain kinds of withdrawal i’ve been having, and i actually finished watching serial experiments lain, so i guess there’s some progress being made.


One Response to “boy, hardly used, make an offer”

  1. ricie said

    little dieter needs to fly was one of the most astonishing documentaries. i mean you have this old guy recounting his story, going back to the places where they happened. and this story is terrible, absolutely horrendous, but this old guy is just recounting them matter-of-factly, i mean you can tell he’s a bit of a maniac. it was moving, it was funny, and i totally thought rescue dawn was going to tank. thank god it didn’t. amongst all the doom and gloom there was enough irony and humour to keep it entertaining, steve zahn has always been so goddamn underrated, but he does a fantastic job here.

    thanks for seeing the film with me, i’m not sure how i would’ve taken it alone.

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