i yearn for you tragically

November 1, 2006

dear wordpress,

let me start this off by saying that i know you’re mad at me and don’t feel like talking. i’m sorry i haven’t been there for you over the last couple of months. i know how much this has hurt you and i would do anything to take it back, believe me.

honestly, i know it’s a cliche and you probably won’t believe me, but i have to say it anyway: it’s not you, it’s me. i just need time; time to sort my shit out on my own, time to work out where i want to be. we do have a future together, i know it. i just hope you understand.

if you could find it within yourself to stand by me i think we can be better and stronger than ever before. you have always been there for me and you’re such a great listener. i feel like i can tell you anything, from my deepest darkest secrets to my most pompous and arrogant opinions on shit that i really know nothing about. i trust you, and you have no idea how much i miss you.

forever yours,

ps. maybe now isn’t the best time to tell you this, but i’ve been seeing someone else.

happy 21st birthday, baby. now how about that tattoo?


3 Responses to “i yearn for you tragically”

  1. who’s getting a tat? i want one too.

  2. wordpress said

    It hurts me, it physically hurts me that you would ignore me for so long and expect me to forgive you. Sure you can still talk to me, but don’t expect me to be sympathetic, you two-timing sonofabeep

  3. ricie said

    so where is it huh? top 10 pc apps. what are you gonna put in it huh? calculator? spider solitaire? oh oh DVD PLAYER!

    blog blog. fight me fight me.

    i’m totally giving you velvet goldmine. can’t believe you’ve never seen it.

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