of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world

September 10, 2006

just got back from a draining shift at work. of course it didn’t help that i was already tired from the night before but damn. usually i complain about my supervisor(s), co-workers, the length of my shift etc., but the worst part about tonight by far was the cover band. i guess i shouldn’t have expected much more of a 60th birthday party, but really. hearing ‘eagle rock’ and ‘la bamba’ at a 60th is just as contrived and just as grating as hearing ‘living on a prayer’ and ‘jesse’s girl’ at a 21st (which i also heard reverberating from the other side of the building as things quietened down in my room). if/when i have a 21st birthday party you can bet your arse i am hand-picking each and every song that gets played. aaaaaaanyway.

so last night was but another in the never-ending cascade of 21st birthday parties for me. fortunately they seem to be gradually increasing in quality. or maybe i just like to think they are since i know there are still so many to go.

i lied when i said i have no plans for this summer. what i really meant was, i have too many plans for this summer and i’m gonna have to choose what i’m actually going to do. my options include: going to work at portsea and living in our house as it is being renovated and chilling out at the beach for a while; staying in melbourne and working at the golf course lotsanlots; devoting crazy amounts of time to the band (i.e. recording an ep, sending it out to anyone and everyone and playing gigs); following the girl to sydney if/when she goes up there for auditions; or, none of the above. first and foremost, i want to get a lot of reading done. if that takes all summer, so be it. so let me know what you think; if you were in my position, what would you do? i’m torn.

moving along. germaine greer is such a first-class bitch. listen close, hagface: feminism is dead, nationalism likewise, and there is simply no place for people like you exploiting the death of someone like steve irwin to resurrect your own flailing career. ugh you suck.

in more positive news, the nintendo wii is probably going to be the best new product since the ipod. in case you weren’t sold already, here is the trailer from this year’s e3 exhibition.

stupid names aside, i hope this becomes the most popular and successful of the next-gen consoles. the xbox wins in terms of customisation, the playstation wins in terms of sheer processing power, but everybody knows that nintendo has always been about fun and nothing more. this console should change video games forever. and as if you needed any more convincing, it shouldn’t sell for any more than about AU $400-500, compared to $650 for an xbox 360 and god knows how much for a playstation 3…next march.

in other video game news, it appears the silent hill movie doesn’t really deliver on its potential. i guess this isn’t altogether surprising. the first silent hill game on psx remains one of the creepiest and best adventure games i’ve played. i realise that empty, foggy, haunted streets don’t sound all that original when it comes to horror movies, but when you’re running around blindly, battling the occult and your own inner demons, and your radio starts crackling a split second before you are ambushed by murderous children, it really gets the heart racing. the moral of the story is; don’t bother with the movie, play silent hill on the playstation! trust me, it’s awesome. but…

for those of you that haven’t played grim fandango, i can’t stress enough what you’re missing out on: it is simply the best adventure game ever made. without wanting to write a full-blown detailed review, i will just make a few overall comments. you play manny, a travel agent who sells packages from the land of the dead (i.e. purgatory) to eternal rest. he stumbles across a conspiracy whereby certain souls are being denied passage into the underworld, and manny embarks on a three-year odyssey to set things right again.

of course, this all seems a bit silly. it’s not. what makes grim fandango so great are its cinematic qualities, from its noir-inspired plot to its lounge/jazz soundtrack, aztec art-deco style environments, impressive camera angles and great voice acting. importantly though, these qualities never interfere with the gameplay, nor do they overshadow the narrative itself. the game is quite long, but you will actually be sad when it’s over. tim shafer has created a world that is at once purely fantastical and bizarre as well as stylish, cool and beautifully designed (i admit, one of the reasons i love this game so much is that it borrows so heavily from many of my favourite films).

there was a rumour at one stage that tim burton would be directing a film adaptation of grim fandango, but i guess it looks like that was just a hoax. would have been crazy awesome though, and probably a better career move than simply re-hashing a nightmare before christmas (see: corpse bride).

grim fandango is at/near the top of every game critics’ list of best evorr adventures, and for good reason. if you say you don’t like video games, you have never played grim fandango, and you are missing out on an experience that is better than most good movies. unfortunately, i don’t think the game is being distributed anymore. the good news is that you can download a demo here; otherwise, check out tim shafer’s new game psychonauts…or just search bittorrent. but you didn’t hear that from me.

i’m really anticipating the saosin album. i called this one ages ago – suprisingly (or not?), many of my predictions have come true in some way or another. i should write prophecies more often. in other music news, it appears texas is the reason are getting back together, which is good news for trve 3m0 fans. who knows what a good production job could do for this band? probably not much considering the unassailable proliferation of shitty nu-emo bands and their chart domination, which is also the reason why i think that the new smoking popes album will probably be a commercial failure like their last two releases, and why i wrote in my last post that i think that over it have the potentially to become unstoppably massive. hopefully in my next post i’ll have full reviews of magic potion by the black keys as well as the new ep by the abandonment, deja disparu. ps. what is happening with the brand new album? anyone?

i should really wrap this thing up. besides being behind at uni (and not working enough and having not much money), i’m pretty stoked on everything right now. i can attribute most (if not all) of this to one particular person, who has demanded more of a ‘presence’ in my internet activites, so here i am, obliging. she’s so kind to me and honestly, it feels strange to have someone who is so unquestioningly supportive of me and everything i do, it’s really really awesome and i am so grateful for her and having her around all the time. ahem.

things i need to do in the near future:

  • pay the speeding fine (d’oh!).
  • buy someone a 21st birthday present.
  • go to some gigs.
  • grow my hair back.
  • read books, for uni or otherwise.
  • take more photos.
  • catch up with certain people whom i have been unintentionally neglecting.
  • go to next (?)

so there you have it. thanks for sticking with me throughout this massive post. leave comments. comments are great. till next time!


12 Responses to “of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world”

  1. ricie said

    the parties are getting better? even with the dj who came straight out of the ipod shuffle school of mixing?

    well reading all summer is definitely a deal, i’ll feed you grapes and you can rub my back.

    and you don’t need to grow your hair back, i like ’em just fine.

  2. ricie said

    for my benefit?!?! SIF!
    if you want me to play then you’ve got to set it up for me, not my fault you get frisky once we get near the gaming equipment. oh SNAP!

  3. zac said

    .grow your hair.
    .some fun requires it of you.
    .if you go to portsea all summer you have to come back for band practice and gigs.
    .you are way too keen about this nintendo thing.
    .they have abandoned any effort to attract a 13+ market.
    .chances are the games will all be too childish even for me to get into.
    .bring back 64.
    .or atleast remake the classics like mario kart and goldeneye.
    .we should start an aztec-art deco band.
    .im a mulatto anyway.
    .i wish people would post more controversial comments in this blog.
    .i dont have a whole lot to work with, but eventually i will spout some venomous shit on someone here.
    .jesse’s girl is a good song.
    .you love a good palm mute.
    .put me higher on your myspace.
    .if your going to give alice cred atleast say her name.
    .thats generally the way shout outs work.
    .even on blogs.

  4. zac said

    .im really not anticipating the saosin album.
    .but i am anticipating their firy death.

  5. ext23 said

    oh shit, and here i was thinking i had two comments. instead it’s just one big crappy one from you.

    what’s with all the fullstops at the wrong end of sentences? this myspace thing has really gone to your head.

    ps. i clicked on shitcity, it’s actually a pharmaceuticals company, who knew?

  6. lea said

    haha i better be one of those people you have to catch up with!!
    and yes, go to next. this week or next week should be sufficient :P

    -also, you sure had a lot to say didn’t you haha. ooooh! can you make me a copy of carnavale???? pleeaseeeeee!!!

    xo lea

  7. Mel said

    Ha, calling a feminist a “bitch”!
    There’s soemthing new and different!
    How innovative of you darren…
    Intelligent, even…? yeah, or soemthing.

    -wondering if this satifies zac’s desire for more controversial comments

  8. you’d better be sure that there is enough shit to blow the whole thing, no half-assing it this time savvy? see you in the next life brother.

    praise allah!

  9. ricie said

    that controversy enough?

    man, i need a hobby.

  10. Damon said

    i am totally digging this blog site.
    so much better than all the others.
    and i dont have to be your ‘friend’ to leave a comment.
    i second the call for more awesome goldeneye-esque games from nintendo.

  11. ext23 said

    awesome, thanks for all the replies! glad to hear the new site is going over alright.

    mohammad ali has come back from the dead and apparently switched ethnicities and joined al qaeda…who knew!?

  12. tovorinok said


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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