steve irwin dies, crocodiles everywhere throw street party

September 5, 2006

here we go again. what did i say about this being the blog to end all blogs? there’s really not much in the way of news, at least not anything fit to print.

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so, as you are all aware, steve irwin died today after being bitten by a stingray in the chest. i would just like to say that that is a pretty gnarly way to die, probably second only to the great white shark in terms of awesome death by sea creature. i didn’t realise until i got home just how much the world actually cares about this guy. that’s not to say that i didn’t like him, but i never thought anybody took him seriously. it’s pretty sad; he didn’t really deserve any of the criticism that he got over the years, and it’s definitely a shame that it had to happen to someone with such a lust for life. his conservational efforts were enviable to say the least and he was basically just a good bloke. anyway. now we need to export a new ambassador to continue that whole crocodile dundee tradition.

in my extensively productive travels today, i stumbled across the new album by the black keys, released in the uk (and australia, apparently) as of today. pretty stoked, since i didn’t even know it was coming out.

initial thoughts are that it rocks fairly hard. the songs are definitely more complex, particularly compared to the stuff on thickfreakness. i’m definitely getting an ac/dc/led zeppelin-type 70s metal vibe from some of the guitar riffs, which can only be a good thing. i swear dan auerbach is one of the most prominent songwriters of our generation; for those of you still getting your blues fix from the likes of the white stripes, you need to check out this band now. there will definitely be a more detailed review once this has had time to sink in.

i’ve been a huge fan of this band for a few years now, and was exceptionally excited about this album coming out. silverstrand, while definitely a departure from their earlier sound, sounded pretty apprehensive to me; like a half-blooded attempt at a more mainstream sound. with step outside yourself, the band has traded in all their reservations and attacked their pop sound with complete abandon. the opener, ‘think against the grain,’ leaves an impression right off the bat. the first thing you notice about this album (besides pete’s amazing voice) is the sound of the guitars. there is well-documented use of acoustic guitars scattered about the place and the results are mostly positive, except in parts it can make the album seem unnecessarily ecelectic. there are, of course, some weaker songs, but they are essentially filler in an album unashamedly geared towards its singles. this is only a small criticism from a fan who has come to expect great things from a band that is still hitting their stride, despite already having a few records under their belt. the re-recorded version of ‘siren on the 101’ is simply massive. this song alone demonstrates over it’s huge potential for catchy yet heavy-hitting songs. while decidedly ‘cleaner’ overall, this version of the song doesn’t sacrifice any of the energy contained on the silverstrand version and still stands as a highlight of this carefully constructed album. there are other songs (mostly during the latter half of the album) that aren’t as instantly memorable, but are still strong: ‘your song,’ ‘the energy’ (the energy’s insane!) and ‘mr. serious’ spring to mind. on the other hand, however, are the brilliantly breezy pop cuts. for example, ‘where the sky begins’ and ‘too much information’ skip along in mid-tempo, major key sunniness, with appropriately singalong lyrics. step outside yourself is, in many ways, the album that yellowcard should have made in place of lights and sounds: it has the hooks, the energy, the right delivery; it’s ambitious but not self-indulgent. from my point of view, at the very least this album is a huge step in the right direction. since timing is everything i have believed that over it have the right sound to become a massive, massive band, and if this album doesn’t seal the deal, then i’m sure their next one will.

ok well that review was getting too long. i’ll try to keep them more focussed next time, but you should definitely check out these two records. listen to a few over it tracks here.

my football team finished at the bottom of the afl ladder for the third time in five years. impressive effort, boys. honestly though, it’s saddening to see a bunch of guys who try so damn hard week in, week out, still fail so miserably. here’s to 2007. just quietly; i’m pretty sure the premiership will go to an interstate team again this year, which sucks.

i got a new toothbrush today (it was about time) and it has like, traction, on the grip. i can say with confidence that i will NOT drop my toothbrush at a crucial moment. on that note, it’s time i went and got some uni work done. in case you’re wondering; my final semester is really not all i had hoped it would be. my classes are failing to inspire me (yes, blame the classes…) and there are only a few weeks left. not sure what happens next. so, i guess this is goodbye for now. san dimas high school football rules!


3 Responses to “steve irwin dies, crocodiles everywhere throw street party”

  1. ricie said

    lucky we were in the right place at the right time eh? lend it to me so i can rip it baby…

  2. ricie said

    oh and by the way, we spent half our lecture today talking about steve. alas, poor yorrick

  3. ricie said

    you are clearly not blogging enough.

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