keeping tabs

September 3, 2006

just a warning; this post is not for the faint of bandwidth. anyway, since this blog is gonna be about getting things done…

also to be added to this list:

  • pay speeding ticket.
  • get a haircut.
  • investigate summer work.
  • start taking more photos.
  • pick up (broken) ipod from apple store.

so far all i’ve accomplished from that list is the ‘feed her something nice’ part; i guess everything else can wait (so much for getting things done…).

as i’m really tired and don’t feel like making a huge amount of effort, here’s some of the purchases i’ve made recently.

haven’t read anything by this guy yet, but this looks good. the synopsis recalls, to me, lunar park by bret easton ellis, which i discussed on my old blog – sorry, can’t be bothered scouring for the link. anyway i like the way it’s set out (i.e. diary entries, believe it or not).

i wouldn’t be an indie/emo kid if i didn’t have a copy of this lying around. kerouac wrote this in just a few weeks on one single roll of typing paper. how great is that? the book that arguably defined a generation.

either an interesting take on relationships or an introduction to existentialism, whatever you’re looking for, this is some really engaging shit. i’ve heard it helps if your girlfriend annotates it for you. i’ll provide some better commentary on this once i’ve actually, y’know, finished it.

this is awesome; you should read it.

anyway on that note, i guess it’s time to sign off. 11pm and i haven’t done much today. but there’s still an hour to go, who knows what i might accomplish? in the meantime, the smoking popes have posted two new songs online for your listening pleasure; i might add that ‘stay down’ is possibly one of the best that josh has written so far and this album is going to be amazing.

come back tomorrow for updated meditations on life, the universe and everything. i am definitely open to suggestion as to what i should include in these blogs, but i dare say there will be more comprehensive book and movie reviews and hopefully some interesting links and whatnot, along with the usual amount of rambling. in the meantime, everyone likes having lots of friends, so add me on myspace!

i’m still learning my way around this site so bare with me. i’ll leave you with one more photo from friday night; this is the only one where we all look nice (i just think i look shit in all the others). leave a comment and let us know how beautiful we all are.



5 Responses to “keeping tabs”

  1. ricie said

    it must be said, i look like shite, and the two of you look more like a couple. go my l33t picture taking skills!

  2. ext23 said

    lol i don’t know how you work that out…to me it just looks like three people in a row… and i will say it again, you don’t look like shit, i’m the one with bags under his eyes.

  3. ana said

    nifty webshite d, smoking popes fanatic right over here, and yes ya’ll are very attractive, and haircut dont! you look beautiful! and os does your hair:)!, ana!

  4. ricie said

    i still look fucking ugly in that photo

  5. ricie said

    and i can’t believe you would post that to do list up. am so gonna post up a note from you

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