action: initiate

September 3, 2006

well. this doesn’t feel enormously different to writing in livejournal. but somehow i feel cleaner and more dignified. so far, things i like about wordpress:

  • no clamouring for popularity.
  • no awkward ‘cuts.’
  • no competition regarding layouts.
  • and most of all, no reputation.

that’s right; i’m starting from scratch, hopefully this time around there will be more to look at, more to listen to, more to talk about, more to think about.

so i’ll kick things off with what is definitely one of the best videos i have found on youtube in my short career. i give you the tea partay.


2 Responses to “action: initiate”

  1. Michael said

    funny stuff…

  2. Matt said

    I’m leaving a comment. In CURSIVE.

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